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Fall And Spring Seasonal Cleanse & System Reset

As the seasons change, so must we :)

Twice a year, with the Spring and the Fall,

we commit to cleanse for 21 days

to reset our minds, bodies and intentions for the shifting weather.

This is not your typical detox program. It is a comprehensive wellness plan designed to reorganize, renew and restore homeostasis and balance within.  

This program is an educational experience about your discipline, your connection with your body and your ability to prioritize your health.

There are two main pillars of this program:  

  1. Adhering to “A Dozen Daily Cares” or disciplined outlined healthy habits.

  2. Using herbs, teas and whole foods to enhance absorption of nutrients,  elimination of waste and detoxification.

The nutritional plan and diet is customizable to any current restrictions or rules. This makes it doable for those new to these lifestyle changes but still provides a challenge and change for the more experienced. Some of the changes include avoiding major inflammatory foods (you choose 3-6 to avoid). The first and last week are less strict allowing you to taper in and out of your detox gently. Individuals have the option of different fasts and more advanced detoxification support during the middle week.  The dietary changes decrease overall inflammation to encourage the best long term results.

There is also an emphasis on traditional wisdom and using classic approaches from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda for the seasonal transitions. This combines with the nutritional changes, digestive support, elimination enhancement and mindfulness to reset the system and prepare for the shifting weather.

All aspects of the program can be personalized depending on the individual and their current health status and goals. There is flexibility in the dietary restrictions and changes you choose to commit to, allow you to still enjoy any planned events or social gatherings.

Cleanse All the Goodies Package:

  • Cleanse Book with Program Outline (our doctors are able to even more specifically to you if you meet with them before the cleanse too!)

  • Details on the healthy habits you will be trying out (i.e. Dry Brushing, Oil Pulling, Greens Powders, Exercise, Meditation, etc)

  • Explanations for why you are doing what you are doing

  • Resources for recipes, meal planning etc.

  • Journal & Reflection Pages

  • Resources and info on seasonal cleansing from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda

    PLUS Facebook Group Chats, Sharing Instagram Posts & Events for Group  Support, Encouragement & Accountability!

Sign up by stopping in or calling. (203) 553-7392     

Check out Facebook & Insta @hawthorncleansebuddies to see prior group cleanse posts

We typically also offer a 5-7 day mini cleanse in the summer and winter as well.


Awesome AUtumn

Focus on teas, hardy nourishing foods, soups and warming spices for metabolism and circulation enhancement.

Spring Cleaning

Introducing more raw foods, juicing and detoxification tea.