Community Acupuncture 



One Saturday a month 11am-1pm

New Patients: $35 initial consult   Return Visits: $25 

Appointments are recommended but walk-ins are welcome! 

Fill out the Intake Form BEFORE your visit for a faster appointment


Why Community AcupunCture? 

  • Quick and easy appointment lengths vary based on availability and the patient's needs.
  • Affordable alternative to provide acupuncture to those without or limited insurance.
  • Try acupuncture without the full medical consult and private experience.
  • Create a healing space and community with multiple patients relaxing and respecting the innate desire for healing and inner peace.  
  • Points are utilized on easily accessed areas like wrists, hands, legs, feet and head to protect patient modest and comfortably of all involved.
  • Come with friends, partners or family members on your way to or from some other fun Saturday activities!